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Model: DCA45
Year: 2008
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Year: 2012
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Model: MMG55
Year: 2016
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The features on the XR842 roller boom telehandler, consists of a 28 foot 10 inch reach, a lift height of 41.5 feet, and a lifting capacity of 4 tons or 8000lbs. This high-pivot telehandler model is outfitted with a heavy-duty boom chassis and frame. Additionally, to offer ultimate durability and low maintenance, it provides heavy-duty boom rollers instead of slide pads.

On the XR842 is a dual hydraulic cylinder feature which offers great precision while the operator is performing fork leveling operations. The cab provides 360-degree visibility giving the operator unmatched awareness. This model offers 10 various attachment operations, an innovative boom angle indicator, allowing the operator to see the precise angle of the boom at all times. Also, it offers frame sway.

The XR1045 roller boom telehandler has a lift height of 44 feet, 8 inches, a lift capacity of 10,000lbs and provides a forward reach of 30 feet, 4 inches. This high-pivot telehandler is equipped as well with a heavy duty boom, chassis and frame. Instead of slide pads, it also utilizes heavy-duty boom rollers. This modification allows for total durability and low maintenance.

The dual hydraulic cylinders of the XR1045 optimize precision while fork leveling. The operator has unmatched awareness due to the 360 degree visibility precision while fork leveling. This model has 10 different attachment options and frame sway. It also features a unique boom angle indicator to enable the operator to have a view of the exact boom angle all the time.

Offered on the XR1245 roller boom telehandler is a lift height more than 44 feet and a lift capacity of 12,000lbs. In addition, this machine features a forward reach more than 30 feet. Heavy-duty frame, chassis and boom are standard inframe, chassis and boom the high-pivot telehandler. It features heavy-duty boom rollers instead of slide pads for ultimate durability and low maintenance.

The XR1245 telehandler features dual hydraulic cylinders to provide precision while fork leveling. The operator enjoys excellent visibility thanks to the 360 degree cab. This telehandler provides 10 different attachment options and frame sway. It also has an innovative boom angle indicator to allow the operator to have visibility of the exact angle of the boom at all times.

Xtreme's XR1255 roller boom telehandler features a lift height of 55 feet, a forward reach of 38 feet, and a lifting capacity of nearly 12,000lbs. Heavy-duty boom, chassis and frame come standard with the high-pivot telehandler. For maximum durability and low maintenance, it features heavy-duty boom rollers rather than slide pads.

To offer better precision while fork leveling, the XR1255 telehandler features dual hydraulic cylinders. Moreover, the operator gets greater visibility with the 360 degree cab visibility. To enable the operator to see the precise angle of the boom all the time, this model offers a unique boom angle indicator. It also comes with frame sway technology and has 10 different attachments.

The XR1270 roller boom telehandler features a forward reach of 53 feet, 8 inches, a lift height of 70 feet and a lift capacity of 12,000lbs. The high-pivot telehandler comes standard outfitted with heavy-duty boom rollers, rather than slide pads. This feature provides low maintenance and utmost durability. What's more, this unit comes with a heavy-duty boom, frame and chassis.

The XR1270 offers dual hydraulic cylinders offer precision while fork leveling. The operator has 360 degree visibility to maintain total awareness. This model has a nifty boom angle indicator to enable the operator to see the exact angle of the boom all the time. It has 10 various attachment options available and comes with frame sway so you can accomplish any job easily.

All of the telehandlers in the Xtreme Manufacturing lineup offer the operators with 360 degree vision. The high-capacity telehandler units include: XR2045, XR1534, XR2034 and XR1642.

The XR1534 telehandler from Xtreme Manufacturing provides a lift height of 34 feet and a weight capacity of 15,000lbs. This unit provides a forward reach of 17 feet. Rather than slide pads, the high-capacity telehandler is equipped with heavy-duty rollers. These rollers extend the machinery's durability and overall life. Excellent stability is provided by the heavy-duty chassis, frame and boom. By operating on dual hydraulic cylinders, the XR1534 maintains precision fork leveling. To help keep the operator safe by providing complete awareness, this telehandler has amazing 360 degree visibility. While unloading and loading materials, the advanced boom angle indicator ensures increased accuracy.

There are 7 various attachment options available for this unit, as well as frame sway technology. These features make this unit perfect for many different kinds of jobs.

Recently, Xtreme Manufacturing added the XR1642 to its line of high-capacity telehandlers. This unit offers a forward reach of 24 feet, 10 inches, a 42 foot lift height and a weight capacity of 16,000lbs. This telehandler is an ideal ââ?¬Å?pick and carryââ?¬Â machine. The heavy-duty boom, chassis and frame help you withstand any environment. Rather than side pads, heavy-duty roller booms have been chosen. This provides lower maintenance and extended life.

To help give the operator greater accuracy while unloading and loading materials, the XR1642 telehandler features a boom angle indicator. Combined with the 360 degree visibility and the frame sway feature, this machinery is an operator�s dream. On this model, there are 7 attachment possibilities. For increased precision fork leveling, it operates with dual hydraulic cylinders.

The XR2034 is amongst the newest high-capacity telehandler�s provided by Xtreme Manufacturing. This model has a forward reach of more than 16 feet, a lift height of 34 feet plus, and a lifting capacity of 20,000lbs. The XR2034 features a heavy-duty boom, frame and chassis. For longer life and lower maintenance, it uses durable rollers rather than side pads. For increased fork leveling, the XR2034 offers dual hydraulic cylinders. For enhanced operator awareness, it features 360 degree visibility. There is also an advanced boom angle indicator for improved accuracy during loading and unloading of materials. There are 7 different attachment options in this model. All of these benefits, combined with the frame sway feature make the XR2034 suitable for a range of jobs.

The XR2045 telehandler has a 45 foot lift height, a 20,000lb weight capacity and provides a 17 foot forward reach. The high-capacity telehandler has a heavy-duty boom, chassis and frame. It provides heavy-duty roller booms rather than slide pads. This feature helps to extend the machine's life by lowering maintenance. The XR2045 features frame sway technology and a unique boom angle indicator to give the operator increased accuracy while loading and unloading materials. For enhanced operator safety and awareness, this model also features the 360 degree visibility. There are 7 various attachment possibilities for this unit. It operates with dual hydraulic cylinders for precision fork leveling.

Xtreme has three great ultra-high capacity telehandlers, the XR3034, XR2450 and the XR2050. The XR3034 is considered amongst North America's better telehandlers. Now, it is the only model manufactured that could handle an unbelievable 30,000lb weight capacity. Every one of the telehandlers from Xtreme Manufacturing offers increased operator awareness through the 360 degree vision.

When it comes to Xtreme�s ultra-high capacity telehandler line, the XR2450 is the newest addition. It is also one of the highest-capacity telehandlers presently manufactured in North America. This model could lift up to heights of 50 feet, handle up to 24,000lbs weight capacity and extend forward 36 feet. This unit is equipped with a heavy-duty chassis, boom and frame. For extended life and extra durability, it depends on heavy duty rollers rather than slide pads. For improved control and lift, the XR2450 telehandler offers dual hydraulic cylinders. This unit features unmatched 360 degree visibility to keep the operator aware and safe at all times. To provide increased accuracy while unloading and loading materials, there is frame sway technology and an advance boom angle indicator.

The XR3034 telehandler from Xtreme Manufacturing is the highest capacity telehandler made within North America. It has a forward reach of 17 feet, 6 inches, a lift height of 34 feet and a 30,000lb weight capacity. This unique telehandler is an ideal ââ?¬Å?pick and carryââ?¬Â machine.

The XR3034 Telehandler has been designed with a heavy-duty boom, frame and chassis. In addition, this machinery has been designed with heavy-duty roller booms rather than slide pads in addition to features like frame sway technology. There is 360 degree visibility for increased operator awareness. Thanks to the technology of the innovative boom angle indicator, the unloading and loading of materials remains more consistent and accurate. For this model, there are 7 different attachment possibilities. For increased precision fork leveling, it operates with dual hydraulic cylinders.

The XR4030 telehandler provided by Xtreme Manufacturing is the highest capacity telehandler made within North America. It features a forward reach of 16 feet, 4 inches, a 30 foot lift height and a 40,000lb weight capacity. This is an ideal ââ?¬Å?pick and carryââ?¬Â unit. The XR4030 has heavy-duty roller boom rather than slide pads. Also, it provides a heavy-duty boom, chassis and frame to provide stability and extend the life of the machinery. There is 360 degree visibility offered to improve the safety and awareness of the operator. The XR4030 features 7 attachment possibilities. To provide increased accuracy while loading and unloading materials, it has a particular boom angle indicator. Last but not least, to provide precision fork leveling, this model operates with dual hydraulic cylinders.

  • In the telehandler industry, SkyTrak telehandlers are among the top selling machines. SkyTrak's machinery are reliable and user friendly machines capable of numerous material handling jobs. SkyTrak has become among the top brands of telehandlers within the industry and have become amongst the most popular around. Telehandlers from SkyTrak all come with 3 steering modes, a Cummins engine which provides for enhanced power and maneuverability required to handle any jobsite or terrain. The patented Stabil-Trak system offers operators with superior overall stability and a higher level of confidence. As well, every SkyTrak unit could be outfitted with many kinds of attachments to be able to maintain high productivity. SkyTrak Telehandlers SkyTrak's telehandlers are made to work the way people work. These machinery are extremely efficient and offer all-wheel steering which is a right match of hardworking equipment for hard working individuals. These kinds of equipment are engineered and designed with simplicity and ease of use in mind to be able to provide you with the efficiency and power you need when you require it. The SkyTrak equipment has earned the reputation as being workhorse in the industry able to withstand the most hostile terrains. These models are stable and work well under pressure and in the harshest environments. SkyTrak provides a solid steel frame, load-sensing hydraulics, many other performance boosting items and joystick controls. There are 5 various units existing. They provide up to 54 feet of lift height and 10,000 lbs. of lifting capacity. These machinery are high performance in order for you to get the job done when you must complete it. They offer less total operating expenses as opposed to the competition and this is just one of the many features that has made SkyTrak North America's best selling brand. Check out your local dealer to be able to experience personally how these machinery have earned such a solid reputation in the business. Features on all SkyTrak Telehandlers: All SkyTrak telehandlers come with specific features, such as a modulated 4-speed transmission for better production and maneuverability, sealed bearings to lessen maintenance expenses and extend service intervals and a wide range of attachments that could deal with jobsite difficulties and add extra versatility to the machinery. Also, the specific equipment design of SkyTrak Telehandlers eliminates the requirement for tires that are liquid-filled. The cab has been re-designed to improve safety and improve operator comfort. These are only among the key problems that have been designated standard by SkyTrak and have helped them become a leader in the industry. More

  • Kalmar by Cargotec has many ship to shore solutions or container handlers utilized in lots of global ports and terminals. They are the best in energy efficiency and automation in handling containers in many port locations. The advanced Kalmar automated stacking crane system increases the utilization rate of equipment while lessening overall operating expenses. MacGregor linkspans and Shore ramps allow for efficient loading and unloading practices of vehicles and passengers from ship to shore. Kalmar has many port and terminal solutions including: yard cranes, reach stackers, ship-to-shore cranes, shuttle carriers and straddle carriers, water taxi floating terminals, terminal tractors, shore ramps, mooring and auto-mooring solutions, passenger gangways, floating car parks, RoRo pontoon linkspans and equipment utilized for empty container handling. Solutions offered by Cargotec have greatly increased production in container handling by delivering extreme value every day. Offering the best technology, the focus seems to be on a holistic view of cargo-handling functions along with continuous development. Kalmar ensures all its customers the best cost-over-lifetime. Cargotec offers clients with exceptional customer service and these values are at the core of their business. Cargotec's network is among the widest within the business. They take pride in helping customers maximize their business efficiency in order to lengthen their equipment's life cycle. The company's diverse range of services in port covers a range of areas like: EcoService, rental and pre-owned machinery, maintenance, inspections and certifications, and training. To meet and exceed the requirements of their numerous clients all-around the globe, Cargotec commits and contributes to each and every stage in their process. If you require specific information regarding their port services, look into the marine services of the company. More

  • For improved ergonomics, better visibility, top productivity and dependability, pick Toyota lift trucks to fulfill your every industrial requirement. Most significantly, when it comes to safety technology, Toyota is the business leader. The main concern at Toyota is to provide our clients with the best quality possible with the products we deliver. This is why we provide complete client satisfaction with every unit we make and this is the premise for all that we do. The best method to keeping our clients totally satisfied is to offer the highest quality service and products. The word "kaizen" is mentioned often at Toyota facilities all-around the globe. This word translates to mean "continuous improvement" and is a top factor within the business and in Toyota quality. Kaizen has been incorporated into Toyota Production system. This thought process is included in our production, engineering and design teams so as to constantly improve our forklifts. This philosophy additionally drives our service personnel and is among the cornerstones of the business. Toyota has been a leading supplier of innovative forklifts for more than forty years. Toyota has sold more than 1 million lift trucks to countless satisfied clients in over 200 countries. In all stages of our operation, there is a complete dedication to constant improvement producing safer practices and more efficient material handling equipment. Toyota's commitment to customer service, performance and excellence has been the reason Toyota has become so exceptionally successful on a global scale. Statistics prove that twenty percent of forklifts bought around the world is a Toyota. The System of Active Stability or SAS is unique to Toyota, and is designed to minimize the risk of injuries and accidents. THis specific system greatly minimizes the potential for equipment and product damage while increasing overall productivity levels. The SAS system has many sensors using a number of factors that may lead to lateral instability and cause potential lateral overturn. The SAS instantly engages the Swing Lock Cylinder in order to stabilize the rear axle, once these conditions are detected. When this mechanism is engaged, the forklift's stability footprint is changed to rectangular in shape, from triangular. This change in stance results in an increase in stability and substantially lessens the chance of a lateral overturn from happening. The Active Mast Function or the Active Control Rear Stabilizer also greatly helps injuries or accidents from taking place since it adds more stability. More

  • During the last century, lift trucks became really popular with the advancement of technology. The volumes of products handled by businesses increased significantly and the need for materials to be transported grew quickly. When handled carefully and with the proper training, forklifts provide an extremely effective and easy solution for moving big amounts of products or materials. Similar to nearly all things, as time passed, lift trucks gone through lots of changes and improvements. Different types of attachments were made and different functions were implemented so as to enable the equipment to particularly deal with certain objects. Nowadays it is possible to utilize your one forklift to accomplish different kinds of jobs because of the numerous available attachments. Today, there is a huge range of different forklifts on the market. It is important to select the right model for your particular working atmosphere in order to maximize productivity and ensure safety. One of the differentiations that does not exactly refer to the specific function but is still really vital when selecting a forklift is its source of power. Like for instance, it is important to know whether or not you must be searching for diesel, gas, or battery-operated units. The fuel type might be an essential destinction when deciding on the best model for you. Deciding upon what you want to utilize it for and where you are going to utilize the machinery would help you determine precisely the model you want. For example since diesel lift trucks create a huge amount of harmful emissions, even if they are very strong machines, they are not ideal for indoor application, but are really fantastic for outdoor applications and outdoors. For battery operated trucks, the opposite might be true as these specific units have been known for creating no fuel emissions. Because of this feature, these equipment are great for indoor applications like inside warehouses. Gas or petrol forklifts fall in between these 2 classifications. They create a lot less emissions than diesel trucks and could be utilized safely indoors if there is sufficient ventilation in place. These forklifts are a great alternative for moving goods from indoors to outdoors or vice versa. Another vital factor to consider is maintenance when choosing the right lift truck for your business. Just like any other gas machinery, the gas powered lift truck would require some servicing from time to time. Diesel models also will need frequent maintenance. The electric models need less maintenance but care must be taken in terms of charging and handling their batteries. More

  • The 4 Wheel Drive Forklifts built by Noble delivers supreme manufacturing quality, innovative engineering and exceptional design. The RT-Series Forklift has earned a great reputation for the company. The RT is offered in both 4WD and 2WD. These machines have lifting capacities ranging of 5000, to 6000 pounds and as much as 8000 pounds. Noble has kept the requirements of its clients at the forefront of their mind over the years. They have engineered the RT to be an exceptional quality lift truck. This particular model is outfitted with a lot of features and necessities which are provided by major competitors for higher prices. Mast The forty-five degree hydraulic tilting of the mast translates to easy storage and transport of the RT. The Noble RT forklift comes equipped with either a three stage or two stage side shifting mast. These masts have dual side chains and dual cylinders. The center cylinder has been eliminated and the hoses and carriage side chains really improves the driver's visibility through the mast, greatly increasing overall line of sight. Operator Compartment The driver's compartment is ergonomically designed for the comfort of the operator. This cab has been designed with the driver's requirements in mind and allows easy access when exiting and entering the compartment. Furthermore, engineers positioned the seat in a lower position. This design provides a much more comfortable ride, especially in long-haul applications. There are optional factory installed cabs available that provide the operator with more protection and the ability to work in practically any kind of setting. The key features added to the R-Series forklifts are improved floatation, remarkable traction and sufficient ground clearance. The side-shifting mast comes standard and in triple masts and the power shuttle transmissions are very productive. The center seat is set up specially to guarantee optimum visibility. These machinery use strong Perkins Tier II diesel engines. The one-piece optimum strength frame is built with ProEngineer software. The minimum lift heights for lift trucks can range from 2 to 9 metres or 10 to 30 feet. The cab is quite spacious and houses ergonomically located controls. The interior design of the operator's compartment is comfortable in order to make it easy to get the task at hand completed. These models have earned the reputation for providing easy transport, with 45 degree forward mast tilt great for trailering. More

  • It is much more complicated to drive a forklift than to drive a car. The lift truck driver needs to receive special training and have the necessary skills to operate a lift truck. A high level of attentiveness is required to drive a forklift. The Occupational Safety and Health Administration or also referred to as OSHA reports that 85 individuals die in forklift-related mishaps per year. Approximately 35,000 individuals are hurt every year in mishaps related to forklifts. Almost 50% of operator deaths are caused by a forklift tip over. In order to avoid tip overs, it is important that operators know how to accurately estimate the weight of a load. In the construction industry, the load weight is usually posted right on the load. If the load consists of cubes containing 90 concrete blocks and a concrete block weighs 16 kilograms, the whole load weight would be roughly 1,360 kilograms. When a load is wet, the driver must take additional weight into account. It could be dangerous if the operator makes poorly informed estimates as the loads actual weight and whether the machinery can handle the load. If a driver cannot be sure regarding the weight of a load, he should request assistance from the supervisor. Failure to pull up close enough to a building or lift a load using an extended boom can be another cause of tip overs. In order to avoid tipping forklift, it is essential to use the load chart. Even if a lift truck does not actually tip over, an accident has occurred whenever the rear wheels come off the ground. This means the forklift limitations have been exceeded. Though damage might not be obvious, the back axle can have sustained damaged upon hitting the ground. Forklifts could even tip when not carrying a load. An unloaded lift truck could tip if an operator has placed a load on scaffolding utilizing an extended boom. If the operator reverses the lift truck and abruptly turns while bringing the boom down, the center of gravity would be pushed to the edges of the forklift and a tip over can happen. An operator should always use the joysticks to retract and lower the fork. More

  • Following a long association with a dealer of Ford Tractors, Walter Sellick began to make his very own company by modifying a tractor that was supplied by Ford Tractor. He modified it into a 6000 pound forklift to be utilized outdoors. What is now regarded as the turn-around tractor series consists of a counterweight design and basic sub-frame and a mast. The heavy duty lifts have changed in their design and construction. In the year 1975, an integral one-piece frame concept was introduced across all model lines. The standard Ford Tractor power train became retrained as the basic power module for most units. The market was for Sellick straight mast rough terrain forklifts were well established. The new design combined with the state of the art technology paved the way to hugely bigger sales in the beginning of the 1980s. Another new part was added to all equipments in 1987. Featured in this series was the Perkins, Continental and Ford engine options which came with shift-on-the-go transmissions. In addition, the See Thru roller masts along with the low profile SG Series and the SD series became available in the market. The introduction of the 12,000 pound SD Series during the late 1990s along with the optional fully automatic Power-shift transmission featured the new millennium's technology. The TMF-55 Truck Mounted Lift Truck was launched during the year 1995. This equipment features 5500 pound capacity. This specific model is powered by a choice of Perkins or Deutz diesel engine. This design greatly reduces turn-around time to a minimum and vastly maximizes the complete delivery system-trailer, truck and driver. The TMF-55 simply and easily loads itself on the back of a trailer or a truck. This particular design saves huge cargo space and eliminates the need for towing a trailer. During 2002, Sellick Equipment Limited became North America's sole distributer of the JCB Teletruck. This flexible reach industrial forklift helps to fill out the material handling products selection. It provides supreme versatility and a unique forward reach. Sellick launched the ergonomically friendly S Series Lift truck during 2004. This unit had a big emphasis on operator safety and comfort. The company has launched top of the line forklift design and a new era of production. More

  • The forklift or lift truck is a powered machine utilized most often for the lifting and transporting of products and supplies in industrial and warehouse settings. These kinds of equipment are commonly used within the warehousing, dockside, construction and mining operations. Depending on their uses, the forklift could be called by lots of different names. Some different examples of these names include: lift trucks, stacker trucks, trailer loaders and fork trucks. These types of equipment are used throughout the world, mostly in the manufacturing and warehousing industry. The first forklifts made their debut during the mid 19th century and the beginning of the 20th century, when they were utilized as part of the construction of the 1906 Pennsylvania railroad. At that time, platform trucks were introduced to help in moving products. These first platform trucks were battery powered. The trucks regained their popularity in WWI when extreme labor shortages occurred due to all the enlisted men. This is when forklifts really arrived on the market to stay. There are essentially 2 main types of forklift: those dealing with heavy loads and those which can handle light loads. The light models include: side loaders, towing tractors, hand pallet trucks and walkie starters. These types of equipment are meant for handling lighter cargo and they are not ideal for very heavy loads. The machine's specific load capacity is posted in the owner's manual and on the machine itself. A few examples of the big truck types comprise: walkie order picking trucks, truck mounted forklifts and telescopic handlers. On the market today, there are numerous models of forklifts available. Each may offer different load capacities. The majority of the time in warehouse operations, the lighter units is utilized. Bigger units are normally seen within the shipping industry. Some models have a tilting mast to make the load bend so as to counteract any slipping. Most of units have rear steering wheels. This design aspect is to increase the ease in how the machinery is capable of being maneuvered. In addition, this steering manner comes in really useful when operating around corners. These kinds of machines could be unstable because of their changing centers of gravity. It is a wise idea to avoid negotiating sharp corners. Specialized forklifts are yet another category. These machinery include articulated counterbalance trucks and explosion proof trucks. The explosion proof trucks are used within factories and settings which handle flammable materials. More

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