2014 Kalmar - Model DCG160-6

DCG160-6 Main Image

The EQU006815 is a Kalmar DCG160-6. The 2014 Kalmar (Pneumatic Tire Forklift) is an excellent choice for a variety of tasks. This particular machine has been used for 590 hours. With an 36,000 Lbs capacity, the Kalmar is capable of lifting objects that are extremely heavy. The load center of this unit is 24". With a carriage width of 0.00, you will be able to fit in the machine very comfortably. The maximum fork height for this machine is 236.00. With an overall lowered height of 143.00, you should be able to navigate this machine in a lot of different job environments. The DCG160-6 is powered through Diesel fuel.
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Stock Number EQU006815 GL
CategoryPneumatic Forklifts
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Chassis2 Wheel Drive
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Front TiresSolid Pneumatic
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CarriageSideshift and Fork Positioner with Rolle
Max Fork Height236.00 "
Overall Lowered Height143.00 "
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Length96.00 "
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Auxilliary Hydralic Valves5
Operator ProtectionEnclosed Cab
Capacity36,000 Lbs
Load Center24"