2014 Kalmar - Model DCG160-6

DCG160-6 Main Image

The EQU006815 is a Kalmar DCG160-6. The 2014 Kalmar (Pneumatic Tire Forklift) is an excellent choice for a variety of tasks. This particular machine has been used for 590 hours. The Kalmar is a great machine if you are trying to lift objects that are 36,000 Lbs or less. The load center of this unit is 24". With a carriage width of 0.00, you will be able to fit in the machine very comfortably. The max fork height is estimated to be 236.00 . The overall lowered height is 143.00. The DCG160-6 is powered through Diesel fuel.
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Stock Number EQU006815 GL
CategoryPneumatic Forklifts
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Chassis2 Wheel Drive
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Front TiresSolid Pneumatic
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CarriageSideshift and Fork Positioner with Rolle
Max Fork Height236.00 "
Overall Lowered Height143.00 "
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Length96.00 "
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Auxilliary Hydralic Valves5
Operator ProtectionEnclosed Cab
Capacity36,000 Lbs
Load Center24"